Soul Journey

Why are we doing this to ourselves? What is the point of this indie touring madness? The answer is that experience and struggle truly do translate into greater art. As we cross the scorching four corners of AZ, UT, NM and CO for the second time I have learned to appreciate water like never before. What used to be a boring blank canvas waiting to be filled with coffee or tea is now at the forefront of our daily activity. We must find somewhere to fill the glass jugs, schlep them around and keep them from breaking. The clean water inside is precious and it connects us to the local culture. In Ashland, OR naturally occurring Lithium can be found in drinking fountains. In cities the tap water has all kinds of fun pharmaceuticals that slide through the reclamation process. In the middle of the desert is where we found the clearest most refreshing water EVER. (probably because we were dizzy from heat and dehydration when we found it) Indie touring isn’t just travel, it is the journey every artist must experience. My favorite part is creating the soundtrack.

Wild West Adventure by DJ Soul Journey

Pirates of the Caribbean Remix!!!


Freelance Whales

How I Do

Satellite Mind

Sick Muse

I LOVE Metric so I did a remix of their song Sick Muse and entered it in a contest. You should definitely listen to it and vote for it.

Sugar Glass


Photo by Elise Nadeau

Things have been so unbelievably crazy that I can’t even post about them in a public forum.  Why not though?  Why not just go ahead and broadcast our darkest moments to the world wide web on a whim?  Most people would think I was telling stories and making things up.  That’s what I would think if I read about all the things that have happened to us.  I would like to be more like 50 Cent.  50 tells it like it is.  50 doesn’t need to sugar coat shit.  But I don’t have bullet-proof glass on my ride so I guess I’ll just post a picture from The Delancey and listen to some beats on my new outta-this-world sound system.

It’s Chicago

It’s been a long time coming but here we are back in the Midwest!  Chicago was WAY better then last time.  We didn’t even get robbed this time!  Cake Chicago at The Red Line Tap was so much fun:

We got a ton of work done at Cousin Joe’s apartment:

AND Emily White made us the most delicious pasta for dinner before we hit the road.  The Midwest has definitely been better then we expected so far. Can’t wait ’till we get to pass through this way again!

Darling Starling

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