It’s here!

My Machine is now available world wide!

Lizzy Pitch: My Machine

oh it’s coming!

Procrastination Nation

I’ve been hiding out on Key Largo.  Just finishing up the new album.  Not without a healthy dose of procrastination of course.

We’ve designed new t-shirts:

(Buy one here!)



Almost lost a hand feeding the local wildlife:


Went to a good old fashioned Italian wedding:


And played scientist:



Yep, life is pretty good.  Oh and here’s a new mix.  Happy trails!    xoxo   – Lizzy

Grab your ghoulfriends and get freaky!

New DnB Band

zombies are so typical.

oh it’s on

I’ve been hard at work on the new album:

Provincetown, MA

This summer is going to be effing awesome.


Time Out

Taking a whole month off from touring feels almost as epic as four years of non-stop travel.  I took April off to look for the kind of human connection you can’t find when you’re in a different city everyday.  It’s been awesome reconnecting with old friends but difficult to stay focused on important things like booking and writing.  It’s like real art only happens when your life fully depends on it.

My Machine

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