“QUEEN OF ITHTRONICA: The Lizzy Pitch Story”

1/14/13 – Sid MenonSatisfied

“This woman brings it with a solo act including superb piano skills, lush, well crafted samples, an excellent voice and stage presence, and even some bad ass beat box accompaniment for one song.  Hailing from Massachusetts and touring the country right now,  I strongly encourage you to check this lady out.  Outstanding, really.”

2/5/12 – The Daymoths


“Sometimes acoustic, sometimes performed against electronic beats and soundscapes, Lizzy sings with smooth, high octave vocals that’s part pop songstress and part classical trained musician. Self described as symphonic-indietronic-rock, her varied tastes and years of performing helped win her Ithaca, NY’s Jimmy Award for best female vocal performance in 2007.”

11/7/11 – Brian  Tucker, The WAE

“out of ten, I give it a rating of SUPER FUN.”

3/12/11 – Sid Menon, Satisfied

“The springtime sounds of this week’s Featured FEMMEP3 – ‘Darling Starling’ – courtesy of Lizzy Pitch and taken from her 2010 release by the same name, bring about a deep longing for the final thaw here in the Northern hemisphere.  There’s percussive sounds reminiscent of ping pong balls methodically splashing about while lo-fi piano and vocal harmonies add analog warmth to this progressive, folky composition.  A perfect soundtrack for early-spring picnicking, bike riding (front-attached basket style), sitting on porches or climbing a familiar maple tree in the front yard.”

3/1/11 – Brian Ball,WomensRadio

Lizzy Pitch’s remix of Metric’s ‘Satellite Mind’ should encourage all you road-trippers craving unnecessary speed limit abuse to depress the petrol pedal like a ton of bricks falling on Wiley E. Coyote’s head.  We recommend keeping your eyes on the road for this one.”

1/1/11 – Brian Ball, WomensRadio