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1st ever video blog!!!

missing or corrupt \system32\hal.dll

Woke up this morning with enough ambition to dust off my old PC and see if I could recover some long lost WAV files. I’ve been itching to remix some of those ridiculous songs I recorded way back before I even went to school for music. Unfortunatly but not suprisingly I couldn’t even get the beast to boot properly:

A few hours of geek meditiation later I abondend the endover entierly and decided to just block out some jazz chords on my keyboard. Maybe I’ll try again next week. Computers have been known to malfunction in this humid wearther only to magically fix themselves a few days later.  After emerging from the murky relm of windows boot menus I wondered whether an artist should even bother busting open old works.  What could I possibly gain by remixing my teenage angst with my modern self?  I guess that’s what I was hoping to find out.

Olde Cape Cod

It’s weird to be back home on Cape Cod. I’ve grown to love the constant stimulation of traveling everyday. When I first hit the road full time, one of my more seasoned contemporaries told me that it takes a while to get into the groove of indie touring. How true! We’re going on our third year of perma-tour and every day feels better then the last. There’s no end in sight which means we’ve succeeded in what we originally set out to do: support ourselves on music alone. Every time we come back to our old stomping grounds in the Northeast it’s with a new perspective. Right now things are looking excellent. We’ve got loads of exciting shows coming up, enough gas money to get to ’em and a new album in the works. That should be enough fuel to keep my spirit burning through the harsh rain that is my annual Cape Cod family reunion.

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