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Time Out

Taking a whole month off from touring feels almost as epic as four years of non-stop travel.  I took April off to look for the kind of human connection you can’t find when you’re in a different city everyday.  It’s been awesome reconnecting with old friends but difficult to stay focused on important things like booking and writing.  It’s like real art only happens when your life fully depends on it.

Soul Journey

Why are we doing this to ourselves? What is the point of this indie touring madness? The answer is that experience and struggle truly do translate into greater art. As we cross the scorching four corners of AZ, UT, NM and CO for the second time I have learned to appreciate water like never before. What used to be a boring blank canvas waiting to be filled with coffee or tea is now at the forefront of our daily activity. We must find somewhere to fill the glass jugs, schlep them around and keep them from breaking. The clean water inside is precious and it connects us to the local culture. In Ashland, OR naturally occurring Lithium can be found in drinking fountains. In cities the tap water has all kinds of fun pharmaceuticals that slide through the reclamation process. In the middle of the desert is where we found the clearest most refreshing water EVER. (probably because we were dizzy from heat and dehydration when we found it) Indie touring isn’t just travel, it is the journey every artist must experience. My favorite part is creating the soundtrack.

Wild West Adventure by DJ Soul Journey

Satellite Mind

Darling Starling

Off The Interstate

We are so bombarded by gross consumerism that it’s sometimes difficult for people to take independent businesses with lower advertising budgets seriously but today as we drove through Auburn, MA I happily noticed some local business that are just as valid as the U-hauls, Walmarts, Pier 1 Imports and Best Buys that we can’t escape:

– ‘Olde Lamp Shop’ – Where it’s not just the shop that’s old but all the lamps too!

– ‘Safety Smart Gear’ – Specializing in reflective vests.

– ‘$5 Per Item’ – Junk sale with a 16 foot long flag that says OPEN!

missing or corrupt \system32\hal.dll

Woke up this morning with enough ambition to dust off my old PC and see if I could recover some long lost WAV files. I’ve been itching to remix some of those ridiculous songs I recorded way back before I even went to school for music. Unfortunatly but not suprisingly I couldn’t even get the beast to boot properly:

A few hours of geek meditiation later I abondend the endover entierly and decided to just block out some jazz chords on my keyboard. Maybe I’ll try again next week. Computers have been known to malfunction in this humid wearther only to magically fix themselves a few days later.  After emerging from the murky relm of windows boot menus I wondered whether an artist should even bother busting open old works.  What could I possibly gain by remixing my teenage angst with my modern self?  I guess that’s what I was hoping to find out.

Olde Cape Cod

It’s weird to be back home on Cape Cod. I’ve grown to love the constant stimulation of traveling everyday. When I first hit the road full time, one of my more seasoned contemporaries told me that it takes a while to get into the groove of indie touring. How true! We’re going on our third year of perma-tour and every day feels better then the last. There’s no end in sight which means we’ve succeeded in what we originally set out to do: support ourselves on music alone. Every time we come back to our old stomping grounds in the Northeast it’s with a new perspective. Right now things are looking excellent. We’ve got loads of exciting shows coming up, enough gas money to get to ’em and a new album in the works. That should be enough fuel to keep my spirit burning through the harsh rain that is my annual Cape Cod family reunion.

Homeward Bound

Here we are in Atlanta, GA gearing up for the show tonight. Sometimes people seem so nice in Georgia that it makes me suspicious. Laurel keeps reminding me it’s just “Southern Charm” but oh how I long to hear “Aey f*ck you!” for going the speed limit. Something about being given the middle finger for obeying the rules just makes me feel at home.

The Real Miss Cleo

This past weekend I played a benefit concert at Mother Earth in Lake Worth, FL. The benefit was hosted by Miss Cleo herself. Long ago, in a galaxy far far away, I remember staring mesmerized at the late night infomercial where she would jovially exclaim “Call me na for ya free readin!'”

I used to imagine the glorious revelations Miss Cleo had in store for me “Oh meh dear! You goin to be da mos famous rock star ya are!” As I sat in Mother Earth years later, waiting for my performance to start, I thought to myself “That lady seems a lot like Miss Cleo.” I was thrilled when my suspicions were confirmed. We had a wonderful time after the show drinking rum, discussing mercury retrograde and what the future holds for us. People often ask if we meet a lot of interesting people on the road. Of course we do! We meet wild, beautiful people all the time, including THE Miss Cleo.

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